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Rejoice, O earth, in shining splendour,
Radiant in the brightness of your King!
Christ has conquered death! Glory fills you!
Darkness vanishes for ever! Alleluia!
Exult in glory! The risen Savior shines upon you!

God, renew me from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet.
Amen. Alleluia!

from A Holy Island Prayer Book, by Ray Simpson

Dear Friends,

It seems we have waited a very long time for the wintry ground of death to crack open to the Risen Christ. And yet, we have not lost hope. For isn’t that just the way it is with our Lord? Sometimes it feels as if our skin has become so dry and brittle that no oil can soften it. Sometimes it gets so bad it feels as if our souls have crusted right over, and search our memories as we might, we cannot quite remember those carefree days when it seemed the sun would never set nor our limbs would ever tire. And yet we have not lost hope. For isn’t that just the way it is with Jesus? They all thought the game was over. They all knew the dream would never be a reality, for there he was: his lifeless body, hanging limp upon the tree. And then there came Sunday. And then came Resurrection. And comes again to encompass us – body and soul – and we too, rise into new life. This Easter: May God renew you, from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. Amen. Amen. Alleluia.


Lisa S. Mitchell, Rector
   Lisa S. Mitchell, Rector

Upcoming Special Events
Holy Week Schedule of Services
Sunday April 13th Palm Sunday 8AM Blessing of the Palms and Liturgy for Palm Sunday & Holy Eucharist

10AM Liturgy and Procession for Palm Sunday & Holy Eucharist
Wednesday April 16th Wednesday in Holy Week 7PM Service of Tenebrae
Thursday April 17th Maundy Thursday* 7PM Liturgy for Maundy Thursday, including Footwashing, Stripping of the Altar and Prayer Vigil
Friday April 18th Good Friday* 12PM Seven Last Words from the Cross as told through Prose, Poetry, and Music including Communion from the Reserved Sacrament
Saturday April 19th Holy Saturday 9AM Liturgy for Holy Saturday, followed by preparing the Church for Easter

8PM Great Easter Vigil with Kindling of New Fire, Holy Baptism and Holy Eucharist
Sunday April 20th Easter Day 9AM Children’s Service with flowering of the Cross

10AM Easter Egg Hunt

11AM Festive Eucharist with full Choir
* The ministries of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East are supported through Holy Week’s Special Offerings. Make checks payable to Domestic & Foreign Missionary Society.

Spring will be bursting with events!

Watch for more information in the coming weeks in the weekly e-mail, Facebook and the Sunday bulletin.

  • April 1st – 20th Drop off your candy filled plastic Easter Eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt

  • April 12th Second Saturday Work Day Help prepare the flower beds, church and cemetery for Easter Week and the Easter Egg Hunt!

  • April 13th – 20th Holy Week Services Invite your friends, neighbors and relatives to join us for services! A full schedule is provided elsewhere in The Crown.

  • April 17th Thursday Evening Youth Event - Evening fun together! See Sue Nap for details

  • April 20th Easter Egg Hunt 10 am

  • May 1st – 31st Images Exhibit at the Shrewsbury Branch of the Monmouth County Library

  • May 3rd – 4th Weekend in Olde Monmouth – Historical presentations

  • May 4th – Sunday The Youth Pancake Brunch – right after church – plan for yummy pancakes and sausage; Proceeds to benefit the youth scholarship fund.

  • May 10th Reception at the Images Exhibit at the Monmouth County Library

  • May 31st – Flea Market – 9am – 3 pm Clean out the attic, closets and basements and bring in your treasures! Or – stop by to help sell, buy treasures or sort items!

  • Thursday May 29th Preview night – bring items and come check out the sale!
Ongoing Events
Christ Church Pictorial Directory
Lifetouch Portrait Studios took photos of parishioners on October 18th and 19th at the parish house.  If you missed this and wish to have your picture taken please contact the parish office for other opportunities.

Jonathan and Shirley Badal reviewing results
Past Special Events
The 311th Parish Meeting was Held on January 26th
 Superb Potluck Vittles  
Treasurer Reviewing Parish Finances
The Parish Under the Meiere Triptych
Christ Church Celebrated Christmas

The Lantern Tour Illuminated Local History

Our First Annual Holiday Bazaar was a Success
Thanks to all who attended and especially all who worked to make it a success!

Baptism on March 2nd
Aniella Grace Ingenito
Exterior Painting is Complete!!!
Under the able guidance of Property Chair Rebecca Pruitt, the painting of the exterior of the church was completed! The principle painting work was performed by JAHC Complete Painting but with much preparatory work done by SES Home Improvements. Our beautiful historic church is gleaming with radiance once again.  
Click on the picture for more shots from every angle of the beautiful work completed.

Another Beautiful Wedding at Christ Church
October 12, 2013
Images of Christ Church Shrewsbury
Then and Now

Click here for the Flyer

This year marks the 275th anniversary of the Christ Church charter.  To celebrate this anniversary, the parish, together with Dorn's Classic Images, mounted an exhibit entitled, "Images of  Christ Church Shrewsbury:  Then and Now".  The exhibit featured segments about the charter, old photos - including the earliest from 1869, new photos, the church in art, and postcard views of the church.  There was also a special section called Then and Now that pairs old photos of the church with matching contemporary ones.  The exhibit was held in the church parish hall from June 24th to July 20th.  The exhibit was free and open to the public. A catalog of the exhibit has been prepared and is available for $20. If interested in acquiring a copy please contact the parish historian at

For your viewing pleasure we offer three pictorial documents in pdf form
 Building the Exhibit;  The Exhibit Pieces; and The Reception.
Super Storm Sandy Repairs
Stained Glass Window Repair
The stained glass window repair is complete! Femenella Associates returned on July 26th to reinstall the windows as repaired by the Art of Glass studio.
Tree Maintenance
On May 23rd, Cook's Tree Service came to remove damaged limbs and remove stumps of fallen trees.  Part of Sycamore Avenue needed to be closed to treat the white oak near the fence.
Slate Roof Repair
On July 1-3, Leeland Slate Roofers of PA came to replace slates on the roof damaged by the storm. This work is now complete.
Preparing for Sunday