Gerry’s Walkway



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On Sunday November 19th the new brick walkway named for our beloved parishioner and treasurer was dedicated. The funding for this came from donations to the memorial fund in Gerry’s name. The parishioners and visitors gathered at each side of the walkway starting at the arbor entrance.

The walkway was created by Ryser’s Landscape Supply firm.

Enhanced Graveyard Landscaping

Graveyard 1017


In October, the churchyard was embellished with some new plantings. This new landscape element consists of an L-shaped row of 22 5-gallon boxwoods that form a hedge at the southwest intersection of the graveyard and the parking lot. This boxwood hedge will grow to no more than 2-3 feet in height and does not interfere with the full view of the graveyard from the parking lot. However, the hedge forms an attractive natural boundary, separating the parking lot from the graveyard.

The genesis of this project came from the desire of Maggie Condon to enhance the grave plot that holds the remains of her parents and her Aunt and Uncle. Her parents are Eddie and Phyllis Condon and her Aunt and Uncle are Agnes and Samuel Stelle Smith. After discussing this with the Church Graveyard Commission, she expanded her vision to the hedge that has been installed that not only improves the grave plot but adds value to the graveyard in general. It is her vision that has been implemented. Maggie is also a landscape architect by profession, ensuring that this project would be of high quality. She was present for all major steps of the project and provided all funding, including that for those elements that extended beyond her grave plot.

Maggie commented, “Bringing my parents back to the Jersey Shore where we spent many years as a family is an indescribable feeling. Christ Church is such a treasure; it makes me so happy to be able to contribute to this beautiful garden.”

The boxwoods were from L F Statile of Colt’s Neck, the excavation was by Ryser’s, and Chris Brondi did the planting.

The installation of the boxwoods freed up a small plot of land that had been a part of the parking lot and there is a plan to plant a small tree there in the spring.

We thank Maggie for the wonderful partnership with Christ Church and her generosity.

59 Bells 10-3-2017



At noon on October 3rd the 1788 bell at Christ Church tolled 59 times. The occasion was in memory of those who perished in the Las Vegas mass shooting on the previous Sunday. This memorial was part of a remembrance across the Diocese of New Jersey.

Blessing of the Animals 2017

A Blessed Pug 

  Blessing of the Animals

       Sunday, October 8th @ 5 PM

The Blessing of the Animals took place at an outdoor service on Sunday, October 8th at 5:00PM. 

Please join us with your two legged, four legged, winged and crawling creatures for this event.  We will also be collecting items the for the MCSPCA pantry. Please bring your pet on leash or cage, and remember to pick up an extra item at your pet supply store for the MCSPCA wish list.

 If you don’t have a pet: we would still love to have you come and celebrate with us! And there are many items the Shelter needs that you might have in your own home.

 Some items needed:  Dog/Cat food, leashes, collars, toys, blankets, towels, small washable rugs, laundry detergent, Lysol, large plastic garbage bags.

New Roses in Heritage Rose Garden

New Roses


Edith’s Angels have added two new roses to our Heritage Rose Meditation Garden! One is called Love and the other is named Benjamin Britten. Love is a beautiful grandiflora that exhibits near-perpetual bloom and are ideal long-stemmed roses if the canes are pruned back to 8-12 inches during the dormant season. Benjamin Britten is a David Austin English shrub rose that has deep red-pink rosette blooms. It flowers repeatedly.

Edith’s Angels include parishioners and members of the Shrewsbury Garden Club.

Mother Lisa Celebrates 20 Years of Service




The Christ Church community celebrated Mother Lisa’s 20 years of dedicated service as record at the parish. The Rector was surprised during the August 20, 2017 service with presents and recollections. Mother Lisa, the first female rector at Christ Church, arrived as the church building was undergoing a major reconstruction due to failures in the infrastructure of the 1769 edifice. As a result, her first service was held at the parish house.

Mother Lisa is now the fourth longest serving cleric at Christ Church since 1702. Only the iconic clerics Samuel Cooke, Harry Finch, and Benjamin Franklin have longer service.

Congratulations to Reverend Lisa Sauber Mitchell!!





July 4 2017



On July 4th, the parish joined the Monmouth County Historical Association and many Shrewsbury residents in commemorating the nation’s founding. The day began with a reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Allen house where Mother Lisa provided an invocation. Subsequently attendees were invited to cross the street to the Church to view the Vinegar Bible and to be entertained by performances by members of the Dead Actors’ Guild. Bob Kelly described the various special features of the Vinegar Bible to about 70 visitors. Jamie Green portrayed William Leeds and Robert Maber did the same for Louis Casimir DeCoppet. Stuart and Judi Buncher also participated in costume.

July42017 July42017_3


May 2017 Baptisms


The Christ Church family was delighted to witness the entry of four infants into the life of Christ.

On Sunday, May 7, Madelyn Grace and Luke Joseph Danizik, received the sacrament of Holy Baptism and were welcomed into the church. We rejoice with them and their parents, Daniel and Dana Danizik


On Sunday, May 14, Katherine Alexandria Bustamante, received the sacrament of Holy Baptism and was welcomed into the church. We rejoice with her and her parents, Andy and Shannon Bustamante

May14baptism1 May7baptism2 May14baptism1a

On Sunday, May 21, Liya Vera Rauschmayer received the sacrament of Holy Baptism and was  welcomed into the church. We rejoice with her and her parents, Rico and Liesel Rauschmayer

May21baptism3a May21baptism May21baptism2

Pentecost Conversations 2017



Christ Church celebrated Pentecost with a special outdoor service held on the south side of the churchyard. The service was also special since the sermon was a family of interactive discussions among the congregants about an important aspect of the parish’s future. This aspect is how we can grow our connections and involvement in the Community and the Community’s awareness of Christ Church. Many ideas were generated and will be assessed shortly.

Picnic4 Picnic5 Picnic8

Memorial Day 2017



The parish held its annual Churchyard Memorial Service, including the Reading of the Names. The names of all veterans interred in the graveyard were read on Sunday, May 21st after the 10 a.m. service.  These veterans span the eras from the French and Indian War to Vietnam. This event occurred about 11 a.m. in the churchyard at the southeast corner of the church.

The veterans’ names were read by Judi and Stuart Buncher in costume. Stuart portrayed a sniper from the Revolutionary War. Colonel Cresaps Riflemen became the Maryland and Virginia Regiment consisting of 4 Maryland companies and 5 Virginia companies. They started in 1776 and ended in 1781. They were nicknamed Stephenson’s Rifle Regiment, Rawlin’s Regiment and Maryland Rifle Corp. To qualify for service each soldier had to hit a one foot by one foot wooden target three times at 200 yards with his PENNSYLVANIA RIFLE. The standard smoothbore battle musket was only accurate to 80 yards. They fought in the Battle of Monmouth.

Judi portrays Sergeant Stuart’s wife.