2018 Gravestone cleaning-rubbing


On October 13th the second of three events that are part of October Graveyard Month was held. Lorraine Schnabel, the Graveyard Conservator, led the gravestone cleaning workshop and Kim Roberts-Honecker did the same for the gravestone rubbing. While rain early in the event held down attendance a total of 15 stones were cleaned and three had rubbings. Those participating were MiMi and Gordon Brown, Edgar John, Walter Dein, Jennifer Shamrock, Kristen Kormann, Reverend Lisa Mitchell, Jennifer Lovekin, Emily Blaser, and Bob Kelly. There were some learnings in the cleaning aspect as the red lichen was very resistant to removal. The rubbings went well despite the early rain. MiMi and Gordon were pleased to be able to clean the gravestone of their good friend Andree Lucantoni whose marker is in the Sycamore Garden.

On the before and after photos note the dramatic improvement with using just the brushes and water. Also on the Joseph Allen stone, how the inscription is so much easier to read with the lichen cleaned out.

Abefore_after AllenBeforeAfter

A repeat event will be held Saturday October 20th.

Gravestone Rubbing


Gravestone Cleaning