Smith-Condon Boxwood Hedge


Graveyard visitors during the past year have seen a beautifully landscaped L-shaped boxwood hedge separating the graveyard from the parking lot on the southeast section of the graveyard. More recently this hedge was significantly extended eastward to again provide an expanded separation of the parking area and the historic graveyard.

The Smith-Condon Boxwood Hedge


So, how did this come to be. This beautiful boxwood hedge is the gift of Maggie Condon, a generous benefactor of our historic graveyard. Maggie’s parents, Eddie Condon and Phyllis Smith, were interred here a few years ago near where the original boxwood hedge segment was installed. Eddie Condon was a celebrated jazz musician in the mid 20th century. He played the guitar and owned a jazz club in Greenwich Village. His wife’s brother, Samuel Stelle Smith and wife Agnes Newhouse are buried next to them in the family grave plot.

The Smith name is also famous. Samuel Stelle Smith is the highly regarded Revolutionary War Historian with books published about the Battle of Monmouth and Trenton among others.


Smith and Condon Gravemarkers