Moravian Chicken Pies 2018

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Moravian chicken pies

Moravian Pies are once again available!  You can pick one up on Sundays or during office hours until we are sold out!  They are also available at our Holiday Bazaar on December 7th and 8th. See information about the Lantern Tour and Holiday Bazaar elsewhere on the web site.

Our last batch of pies sold like hot cakes!  Each pie serves four generously and comes to you at a low cost of $14.00.   Pies come frozen and ready to go straight into your freezer or into your oven. Never had a Moravian Chicken Pie? They are similar to a chicken pot pie – however they do not contain any of those pesky vegetables your mother so wanted you to eat.  Simply dark and light meat chicken with a sprinkling of salt, pepper, butter, and just enough flour to turn its own juices into a light gravy.