Covenant House Sleepout



Do you want to help the homeless in our area?  Then come join Mother Lisa, Jim O’Connor and dozens of others for the Second Annual Covenant House Sleep Out on Friday, May 17th at Trinity Church in Asbury Park! (8pm-7am) We have formed a “Christ Church & Friends” Sleeper Team! No training required! You simply join us for the evening, meeting the young people being served at the Covenant House Asbury Park facility, as well as the caring staff members. Learn about the great work being done and for one night “experience” what it is like to sleep outside with only a sleeping bag and piece of cardboard for a mattress! Comfortable? No! Incredibly rewarding? Yes!

Each Sleeper is asked to raise $1,000. You will have a fundraising page on the website and you ask your friends and family to go on and make whatever donation they can…$5, $10, $50…whatever they can afford. We are hoping to get ten (10) Sleepers on our Christ Church Team so we can raise at least $10,000 for Covenant House!   Here is the link to the page to sign up (just copy and paste it into a new tab:

Please let us know if you and maybe other family members or friends will be able to join us!  If you can’t join us we are also grateful for any donations you may be able to make to our team!