Memorial Service 2019



The parish held its annual Churchyard Memorial Service, including the Reading of the Names. The names of all veterans interred in the graveyard were read on Sunday, May 26th after the 10 a.m. service.  These veterans span the eras from the French and Indian War to Vietnam. Due to inclement weather, for the first time in memory the event was held inside the church instead of in the graveyard.

The veterans’ names were read by Judi and Stuart Buncher in costumes made by Judi.

Marine Corporal Andrew Tomlin – Portrayed by Stuart Buncher  – One of two NJ Marines to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.  He was awarded for heroism in the Second Battle of Ft Fisher, January 15th, 1865.

Woman of the Civil War Era attired in formal period dress – portrayed by Judith Buncher