August 17 Costumed Graveyard Tour



The parish held the fourth event of the year celebrating the 300th anniversary of our historic graveyard. This was our famous Costumed Graveyard Tour and involved six thespians from our Dead Actors Guild portraying Notable Figures interred in the graveyard while standing next to their gravemarkers.

There were about 45 attendees on a humid summer morning.

Here is the cast

William Leeds portrayed by Jamie Green

E C Hazard portrayed by Gordon Brown

Judge John F. Grimkeā€™ portrayed by Bob Kelly

Graham Kearney Cooke portrayed by Patrice Thornton

Mary Finch portrayed by Magdalena Aders

Louise Jost portrayed by Judi Buncher

The Guide performed by Stuart Buncher as Sargent Stuart of the WWI American Expeditionary Force.