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Christ Church and the Borough of Shrewsbury will join in this remembrance by tolling our church bell as above. This will occur during our 10 am Sunday service.

These are the veterans interred in our graveyard from the World War I era.

         Captain Franklin G. Allen, US Army

  • Walter S. Bowker

    William E. Donald

    1st Lieutenant Morgan R. Eilert

    Corporal Robert R. Graham, served as band corporal, HQ Company, 107 Inf., US Army

    Lieutenant Colonel Louis H. Hanson, Medical Corps.

    1st Lieutenant Arnold Watson Hazard, Motor Transportation Corp.

    Private Howard G. Montgomery, Head Quarters Company, 165th Inf., NY, US Army

    1st Lieutenant Howard Stokes, US Army

    Private Joseph L. Thompson, US Army Air Force

    Major Dr. Harry Ticehurst, US Army, 9th Division Cavalry veterinarian


Calling all Middle and High School Students!  And their parents!!!

A new program this September, focusing on Friendship, Fun, and Faith Formation.  Our youth will learn about the Scriptures, about the beliefs of the Christian Faith, and will begin preparation for Confirmation.

Our Kick-Off meeting will be Sunday, September 24th from 5pm to 7pm. We will lay out the program, share a meal together, and start getting to know one another. Beginning in October we will meet twice a month, the second and fourth Sundays. For this initial meeting, we invite our parents/guardians to join their teens in attending and having supper with us. Please RSVP by email (christchurchshrewsbury@verizon.net)or call the Church Office (732-741-2220) so we can plan accordingly.

Ongoing Special Events


Jen and Danielle, conservators from Jablonski Building Conservation are working on the next set of 16 gravestones to be restored. Here they are seen working on the base attachment for the gravemarker of Shepard Kollock.



For some years we have had a self-guided tour brochure for visitors wishing to view the inside of our historic church. Now we are pleased to have a similar guide for the graveyard. This beautifully designed and informative brochure guides the visitor to many of the interesting graves and gravemarkers in our remarkable cemetery. The brochure contains information about some of the notable personages interred in the graveyard and images of some of the artistry exhibited on a number of interesting gravemarkers. These are all located on a map of the graveyard.

This brochure was created by five students in a graduate class in Public Archaeology taught by Dr. Richard Veit at Monmouth University. The students used information from our graveyard records including the Genealogy of the Graveyard, the scripts for the Costumed Graveyard portrayals, and the survey map of the graveyard. They then selected the specific personages and gravemarker artistry and synthesized these into this beautiful booklet.

Some of these brochures are in the narthex. In addition, at the July 1 Independence Day service, this brochure was distributed and described by Bob Kelly in a “virtual” tour in the nave.

Self-guided graveyard tour

For those who wish to take this self-guided tour the graveyard is always open. The brochure is available in the parish office, usually open from 9 am to 2 pm on Tu-Fr. There is also a brochure holder attached to the arbor at the juncture of the parking lot and the brick walkway.

Queeni Caay Scholarship

Queeni Caay Scholarship

Walter Dein is a Christ Church parishioner who has been involved with an outreach program in the Philippines providing financial support for children in need. Queeni Caay, a high school student, is one such student and one with special financial needs. Here is her story.

Queeni grew up in a palm reed weaved shanty with her grandmother and younger brother on the tiny island of Dinagat, Philippines.  Her father left even before she was born, and her mother works as a live-in house maid in the distant City of Davao where she could not include her children.

When Queeni was 13 and her brother, Howard, was 8 their elderly grandmother died. This left young Queeni in charge of Howard and herself. During this time, it was Queeni attending Howard’s parent teacher conferences and concentrating on her own studies.  Undernourished and nearly overwhelmed by her circumstances, Queeni contracted a very serious case of Typhoid fever. The doctor said if she had waited any longer to seek medical help she would have died. Sadly, the disease has left her heart valves scarred and as she grows, this gradually puts an increased strain on her damaged heart.

She is active in Girl Scouts and with her own undertaking, she has organized and leads a growing weekly Bible study for her school. At one point the school authorities had considered stopping the Bible study until the students petitioned to allow it to continue and the teaching staff recognized the good and positive influence it was making on the students.

With no fatherly support what so ever, and an impoverished mother who is barely earning enough to support herself, Queeni saw no possibility of attend college even with her impressive achievements. She tried applying for scholarships, but the possibility of attending college was just an elusive dream.

Queeni graduates this spring. She is an active member of the school yearbook committee. College begins in June.

Through Christ Church, a scholarship fund has been established to help cover her college costs, beginning with an annual tuition of $800.



Four videos describing various perspectives of Christ Church have been created. These videos provide information about the Church and feature aerial video of the Church building and surrounding graveyard.

The videos were taken by Jeff Smith, videographer from Atlantic Highlands and composed By Amanda Kontor. Amanda was a student intern from Monmouth University and a Communications major. She has now graduated and is attending graduate school at the University of Vienna.

Introduction to Christ Church: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rt7AdNj1hk8

Christ Church History: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ggFsBpID8g

The Christ Church Graveyard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Im51q2bw6sk

Our Spiritual Life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dM5dlJU6dS4

Girl’s Friendly Society

 2017 – 2018

 Kind Heart, Fierce Mind and Brave Spirit

GFS is open to all girls ages 5 through 21

The Purpose of the Girl’s Friendly Society is to help girls understand what it means to be a Christian within their own particular life situations; to discover their own relationships with God, family, community and the world to help girls utilize their given talents, to attain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth through program centering around worship, fellowship, service, study and creative activities. In other words, we hope to be an asset to our girls as they grow into womanhood.

Click for schedule of events



Christ Church has been awarded a grant from the New Jersey Historic Trust for preservation of its historic graveyard. The grant award is for $117,413 and includes a 1:1 match by the Parish. Here is a description of the scope and participants in the work that has been funded.



The graveyard at Christ Episcopal Church in Shrewsbury is an historic one. The land has been used as a graveyard since the acquisition of the property in 1706. The oldest gravestone dates from 1719 and the markers are of every composition and design. The graveyard has been continually active since its inception and forms an historical record of the evolution of the area. The graveyard has about 1500 souls interred and 880 gravemarkers.

The proposed project involves the restoration and preservation of a significant number of deteriorating or fallen gravemarkers. This project can be viewed as a continuation of work begun in 2015-2016 under a Department of the Interior grant related to storm repair and resiliency. The previous project resulted in a comprehensive condition assessment and photography of every gravemarker. This information was added to our existing searchable database containing all those individuals in the graveyard with substantial genealogical information. This earlier project also resulted in the restoration of 14 gravemarkers in critical condition, mostly 18th century brownstones.

Since we have a complete condition assessment completed, the proposed project can begin with some detailed specifications for the next series of stones and, of course, the associated restoration work itself. The talented firms involved in the earlier project will bring their expertise and knowledge of this graveyard to the project. These are Lorraine Schnabel LLC who performed the condition assessment and Jablonski Building Conservators who executed the restoration work. There will also be one or more workshops for the public for lichen removal led by Ms. Schnabel. Further a self-guided tour of the graveyard will be developed by Dr. Richard Veit, Chair of the Department of History and Anthropology at Monmouth University and a leading expert in New Jersey graveyards.

A total of about 75 gravestones will be treated in this new project.

In addition, an element of the project will include expanding our communication of the graveyard and its history with the broader community. This will involve development of a self-guided tour that will address gravestone, genealogical, and historical aspects of the graveyard coordinated by cemetery expert Dr. Richard Veit of Monmouth University who will also consult on the overall project.

The public benefits from the project through the preservation of the gravemarkers that tell us our history and the expanded, informed access to that history through the self-guided tour.


Christ Church has received two grants for the purposes of repair and resiliency work on its two historic sites both as a result of Superstorm Sandy and to protect against future such storms. The grant amounts for both the Church building and graveyard and the Rectory total about $350,000

Support for this project was provided by a Sandy Disaster Relief Grant for Historic Properties provided by the Historic Preservation Fund of the National Park Service to the New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office, awarded by the New Jersey Historic Trust.

These grants were awarded in early 2015 and much has occurred since that date. Much of the early work has been oriented toward a detailed understanding of the specific work to be undertaken.

A thorough Condition Assessment of the Church and the Rectory were undertaken by Westfield Associates of Haddon Heights, NJ. The resultant documents provided a complete understanding of the condition of the historic structures and formed the basis for a bid process to select a general contractor to undertake the work. The condition assessment also included the creation of construction documents as part of the bid process to guide the selected contractor in performing the work according to established historic site construction principles. This bid process is currently underway with contractors for the two sites to be selected in early November.

There also was a Condition Assessment performed on all of the gravemarkers in the churchyard. This work was performed by Schnabel Conservation L.L.C. of Trenton NJ. This Assessment included photographs of each gravestone with a description of each marker’s current condition. This information was integrated into the church’s graveyard database. Here is an example of this work.


This records the condition of a brown sandstone gravemarker recording the death of Joseph Tole, nineteen years old at his death in 1781.

This gravemarker assessment work also included more detailed guidance on repair work to be performed on markers in most critical need of restoration. In a bid process Jablonski Building Conservation of New York City was selected to perform the restoration work on an initial set of thirteen gravemarkers.

The gravestone restoration work supported by the SDRG grant is now complete. The original plan to address 13 gravemarkers was expanded by one marker due to savings on work on the first group. The one added was that of Christina Hageman, who died at the age of two in 1785 and was marked by a brownstone. Christina’s gravemarker was in many pieces and was both reconstructed and moved near where the walkway approaches the Memorial Garden.

This is a list of the restored gravemarkers.

  1. Marker 601 Joseph Tole  1762-1781
  2. Marker 316 Sarah Throckmorton   1659-1743
  3. Marker 428 Margaret Throckmorton  1765-1817
  4. Marker 331 Hartness Throckmorton  1735-1760
  5. Marker 490 Elizabeth Vaughton   1715-1800
  6. Marker 491 Mary Wessells   1728-1816
  7. Marker 494 Susannah De Haert   1724-1780
  8. Marker 502 Mary Leonard   1716-1782
  9. Marker 731 Zilpha Halstead   1723-1754
  10. Marker 366 Hendrick Pool 1798-1818
  11. Marker 392 Mary Slocum 1734-1809
  12. Marker 717 John Hart 1759-1805
  13. Marker 701 Clara Wheeler 1782-1855
  14. Marker 866 Christina Hageman 1781-1784


Lorraine Schnabel and Stephanie Hoagland-Bond with newly restored gravemarker of Zilpha Halstead.

Some additional work has been completed under the grant’s auspices. One is the repair of the 1874 E Howard clock and bell control mechanism. Some of the parts of this complex mechanism were repaired by Stevenson Services of Bristol CT.

The clock faces have been synchronized and the clock timing adjusted for accuracy.


In addition one of the aspects of protecting the Church and Rectory buildings is careful control of tree growth. Both sites have considerable mature trees. These trees were trimmed with deadwood removed. A dead 100 foot tulip tree was removed. This work was performed by Becker’s Tree Service of Tinton Falls, NJ.



SDRG work has continued at both the Church and Rectory, mostly performed by the Masonry Preservation Group. At the Church this has included repairing the cupola louvers, replacing the bulkhead doors, and restoring the front steps. At the Rectory, this has included implementing a new CMU wall in the basement for stability and installing steel posts with cement footing. Further work on the Rectory exterior has begun with shutter removal. These will be restored at the MPG woodworking shop. Further on-site work will resume in the warm weather.

Shutters being removed

Shutters being removed

New bulkhead doors

New bulkhead doors

New CMU wall in rectory

New (black) support column

New (black) support column

Church front steps

Church front steps


Work progresses on the Rectory. Scaffolding is up and the building is being powerwashed.


 rectory1  rectory3

Rectory work extends to cornice repair and painting. The color is terra cotta.

rectory4 rectory5

New Video of Christ Church

A new video of Christ Church has been created based on aerial video footage. This particular video is a general portrait of the church building and graveyard depicting these from numerous vantage points.

This is the first in a series of a family of videos that will focus on different aspects of the church and parish including our extensive history, the iconic graveyard and our spiritual life. Stay tuned for these informative videos.

aerial video

Click here for Aerial Video



The sign along Broad Street that marks the History of Christ Church and the role of George Keith has been replaced through the efforts of the parish. The original sign was badly worn and only partially legible. This bright new sign now makes the history more clearly known to the many motorists passing by each day.


To see more pictures of Christ Church click Church Pictures.

The Town Clock and Bell are Back in Operation!

Due to some failed components of the 1874 E Howard #2 clock and bell drive mechanism, the clock and bell have been out of commission for about 3 months. This situation has been remedied with the damaged parts machined and reinstalled. The clock faces have been synchronized and the clock timing adjusted for accuracy.


Past Special Events


Graveyard visitors during the past year have seen a beautifully landscaped L-shaped boxwood hedge separating the graveyard from the parking lot on the southeast section of the graveyard. More recently this hedge was significantly extended eastward to again provide an expanded separation of the parking area and the historic graveyard.

The Smith-Condon Boxwood Hedge


So, how did this come to be. This beautiful boxwood hedge is the gift of Maggie Condon, a generous benefactor of our historic graveyard. Maggie’s parents, Eddie Condon and Phyllis Smith, were interred here a few years ago near where the original boxwood hedge segment was installed. Eddie Condon was a celebrated jazz musician in the mid 20th century. He played the guitar and owned a jazz club in Greenwich Village. His wife’s brother, Samuel Stelle Smith and wife Agnes Newhouse are buried next to them in the family grave plot.

The Smith name is also famous. Samuel Stelle Smith is the highly regarded Revolutionary War Historian with books published about the Battle of Monmouth and Trenton among others.


Smith and Condon Gravemarkers


On October 13th the second of three events that are part of October Graveyard Month was held. Lorraine Schnabel, the Graveyard Conservator, led the gravestone cleaning workshop and Kim Roberts-Honecker did the same for the gravestone rubbing. While rain early in the event held down attendance a total of 15 stones were cleaned and three had rubbings. Those participating were MiMi and Gordon Brown, Edgar John, Walter Dein, Jennifer Shamrock, Kristen Kormann, Reverend Lisa Mitchell, Jennifer Lovekin, Emily Blaser, and Bob Kelly. There were some learnings in the cleaning aspect as the red lichen was very resistant to removal. The rubbings went well despite the early rain. MiMi and Gordon were pleased to be able to clean the gravestone of their good friend Andree Lucantoni whose marker is in the Sycamore Garden.

On the before and after photos note the dramatic improvement with using just the brushes and water. Also on the Joseph Allen stone, how the inscription is so much easier to read with the lichen cleaned out.

Abefore_after AllenBeforeAfter

A repeat event will be held Saturday October 20th.

Gravestone Rubbing


Gravestone Cleaning




OCTOBER 6, 2018

The first event in Christ Church’s “October is Graveyard Month” was held on Saturday October 6th. This event was a guided tour of the graveyard based on the recently created Graveyard Self-Guided Tour Brochure. The tour guide was Ryan Radice, a student at Monmouth University, and a co-creator of the brochure. Ryan is also a tour guide at Ellis Island. There were about 25 tourists and feedback was very positive. Ryan made stops at many of the gravestones identified in the brochure.

photo1 photo2

photo3 photo4

                        20180701_091643 20180701_091857


During our July 1st service we recognized our heritage through two related activities. One was the introduction of the new Graveyard Self-Guided Tour brochure to the congregants by Parish Historian Robert Kelly. Bob described the genesis of the booklet and surveyed its contents. This brochure is described in more detail elsewhere on the web site.


In addition, one of the notable figures highlighted in the brochure was brought to life by Dead Actors’ Guild member, Cassie Reagan. Cassie told the story of the Finch family by portraying the Finch daughter, Mary.



Christ Church partnered with the Allen House and the Shrewsbury Historical Society in commemorating Independence Day. Mother Lisa provided the Invocation at the Allen House prior to the community reading of the Declaration of Independence. Afterwards Judi and Stuart Bucher in Revolutionary era costumes led visitors across the street to Christ Church. Here we had the church open for visitors as well as conducting a graveyard tour. This latter was a guided tour but based upon the recently created Graveyard Self-Guided Tour. The tour guide was Ryan Radice, who was one of the five Monmouth University History students who fashioned the brochure. In addition, Stuart Buncher demonstrated a genuine Battle of Monmouth musket that is in the collection of the Shrewsbury Historical Society. He told the story of the Revolutionary soldier who carried the weapon as well as describing its parts and operation. Photos were taken by Jeff Veil and Kristen Kormann.



Here is Stuart Buncher’s tale of the Revolutionary War musket:

A Rare Piece of Local History Hiding In Plain Sight!

The other day, Bob Kelly told me of an old rifle at the Shrewsbury Historical Society Museum, curated by Don Burden, who is also the Mayor of Shrewsbury.  Being a student of history and a gun nut, my curiosity got the better of me.  Bob gave me Don’s phone number and I called to set up an appointment.

I had to climb a step stool to take what turned out to be an old musket down from the museum wall.  Upon cursory investigation, the long arm looked like a long barrel fowling piece, which is a shotgun used in hunting geese and ducks.  The weapon was a black powder, muzzle loading flintlock of British origin.

The most amazing part was the paperwork that came with the gun, which provided the authenticity of what we were looking at.  It seems that musket belonged to one Michael Fields, born in Bound Brook, New Jersey, in August of 1758.  He was killed in June, 1778 at the Battle of Monmouth.  This was his personal weapon which he used to fight the British.

He now resides in a grave at Joshua Huddy Memorial Park in Colts Neck.

This was not a military weapon as it didn’t have a provision for a shoulder strap or bayonet.

I cleaned and polished the stock with Old English furniture polish.  The barrel and lock plate were blued almost black while military weapons were polished metal.  I tried to bring up the brass furniture with metal polish.  The gun was shown at the 4th of July event on the steps of Christ Church, where it attracted much awe as it was passed round from person to person.

The musket is now safely back at the Shrewsbury Historical Society Museum where a permanent display case is being made for it.  Stuart Buncher



In May Den 8, out of Pack 124, visited the church. There were 7 Scouts, 2 siblings, 5 parents and Den Leader, Heather Thomas in attendance. Reverend Mitchell gave the tour of both the church and the graveyard. The Scouts were also treated to a portrayal of Benjamin Lippincott who is interred in the graveyard, Lippincott, who was a California Pioneer in the 19th century was portrayed by Bob Honecker. They were  very intrigued by Benjamin Lippincott as a cowboy – at the end one asked “for real – are you risen from the dead or someone else just pretending?”

The Scouts really enjoyed the tour — and especially thought the Vinegar Bible was “very old and very cool – especially since it was 1 of 40!”




readingNames IMG_5066

 The parish held its annual Churchyard Memorial Service, including the Reading of the Names. The names of all veterans interred in the graveyard were read on Sunday, May 21st after the 10 a.m. service.  These veterans span the eras from the French and Indian War to Vietnam. Due to inclement weather, for the first time in memory the event was held inside the church instead of in the graveyard.

The veterans’ names were read by Judi and Stuart Buncher in costumes made by Judi.

Stuart Buncher portrayed Marine Corporal Andrew Tomlin.  Corporal Tomlin was one of two NJ Marines to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.  He was awarded the medal for heroism in the Second Battle of Ft Fisher, January 15th, 1865. Judi Buncher portrayed a woman of the Civil War Era attired in formal period dress.

MadRegalia 2018

Presiding Bishop at Royal Wedding


The Most Reverend Michael Curry gave a powerful oration regarding love at this ceremony. Here is a link to that address.


Christ Church Celebrates Easter

The parish celebrated Easter with a Sunrise service at 6 am and a traditional service at 10 am. The 10 am service was the Eucharistic service with full choir accompanied by organ and trumpet. The music included several anthems by Handel including the joyful Hallelujah chorus. Children decorated the Easter cross during the service and the Easter egg hunt in the churchyard afterwards. The children who found the two Alleluia eggs received a Lamb Cake.

IMG_4227 IMG_4955



Christ Church noted Jesus’s triumphant entry to Jerusalem with its Palm Sunday procession from the parish house to the church. Palms were distributed to the congregation. The service featured the reading of the Passion according to St. Matthew and the use of our 1708 silver Communion Service from Queen Anne.

IMG_4230 IMG_4238 IMG_4237


Christ Church Celebrates St Patrick’s Day

Christ Church held a St Patrick’s Day dinner. Corned beef and cabbage was served, and traditional Irish music was supplied by The Kilkenny Kats

IMG_4166 IMG_4167 IMG_4168

IMG_4170 IMG_4171

Christ Church Receives County Grant


On February 26th Christ Church was presented with a grant from the Monmouth County Historical Commission. This grant, in the amount of $5200, was awarded for the rebuilding of two of the chimneys on the 1824 Rectory that resides within the Four Corners Historic District. Robert M. Kelly, Jr. accepted this grant on behalf of the Church. Here he is shown with Maureen Leach, a Commissioner on his right and Lillian Burry, a County Freeholder on his left.



During the February 11th 10 am service, the new junior warden, new vestry members, and Delegates to the Diocesan Convention were commissioned.

O Eternal God, the foundation of all wisdom and the fount of all courage: Enlighten with your grace the Wardens and Vestry of this Congregation, and so rule their minds, and guide their counsels, that in all things they may seek your glory and promote the mission of your Church.

Eternal Lord God, who by the Holy Spirit presided at the council of the Apostles to guide them in all knowledge and truth: Be present with the Delegates of this Parish. In the passions of debate give them a quiet spirit, in the complexities of the issues give them clear minds, and in the moments of decision give them courageous hearts. Guide them in all things to seek only your glory and the good of your Church.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

IMG_4003 IMG_4006


Christ Church Annual Meeting 2018

The Annual Meeting was held on January 28 in the parish house complete with a wonderful Pot Luck meal. Mother Lisa thanked the vestry members completing their terms: Elaine Feyereisen, Sarah Schmid, Rita Saible, and Rachelle Spencer. Newly elected members are Jim O’Connor, Robert Kelly, Edgar John, and Dianne Regiec. Georgette King, Connie Goddard, and Jim O’Connor were elected to serve as Alternate Deputies to the Diocesan Convention. A full slate of 2018 Vestry members can be seen in the About Us tab of the web site.

IMG_3947 IMG_3954

IMG_3956 IMG_3946



Christ Church held a pageant to celebrate Epiphany during the Sunday service. Donna Devlin created and directed this wonderful celebration commemoration of the Three Kings visiting the Christ child.

              IMG_3822         IMG_3825

IMG_3849                    IMG_3856


IMG_3674 IMG_3673 IMG_3675


Christ Church held its annual Christmas Eve midnight service preceded by Lessons and Carols. Music was provided by St Gregory’s choir accompanied by harpist Marissa Cusick.

IMG_E3687 IMG_3679

IMG_3684 IMG_4928

IMG_3143 IMG_3153 IMG_0302

DSC_0454 DSC_0451 DSC_0442


Christ Church held its annual Holiday Bazaar with a Colonial Christmas theme. On the same weekend we joined the other historic sites for the Lantern tour with record attendance.

IMG_3145 IMG_4891 IMG_0316

IMG_3146 IMG_3149 IMG_0291

IMG_3649 DSC_0339 IMG_3162





Walkway20170420 IMG_3001

IMG_3014   IMG_4886




On Sunday November 19th the new brick walkway named for our beloved parishioner and treasurer was dedicated. The funding for this came from donations to the memorial fund in Gerry’s name. The parishioners and visitors gathered at each side of the walkway starting at the arbor entrance.

The walkway was created by Ryser’s Landscape Supply firm.

Graveyard 1017


In October, the churchyard was embellished with some new plantings. This new landscape element consists of an L-shaped row of 22 5-gallon boxwoods that form a hedge at the southwest intersection of the graveyard and the parking lot. This boxwood hedge will grow to no more than 2-3 feet in height and does not interfere with the full view of the graveyard from the parking lot. However, the hedge forms an attractive natural boundary, separating the parking lot from the graveyard.

The genesis of this project came from the desire of Maggie Condon to enhance the grave plot that holds the remains of her parents and her Aunt and Uncle. Her parents are Eddie and Phyllis Condon and her Aunt and Uncle are Agnes and Samuel Stelle Smith. After discussing this with the Church Graveyard Commission, she expanded her vision to the hedge that has been installed that not only improves the grave plot but adds value to the graveyard in general. It is her vision that has been implemented. Maggie is also a landscape architect by profession, ensuring that this project would be of high quality. She was present for all major steps of the project and provided all funding, including that for those elements that extended beyond her grave plot.

Maggie commented, “Bringing my parents back to the Jersey Shore where we spent many years as a family is an indescribable feeling. Christ Church is such a treasure; it makes me so happy to be able to contribute to this beautiful garden.”

The boxwoods were from L F Statile of Colt’s Neck, the excavation was by Ryser’s, and Chris Brondi did the planting.

The installation of the boxwoods freed up a small plot of land that had been a part of the parking lot and there is a plan to plant a small tree there in the spring.

We thank Maggie for the wonderful partnership with Christ Church and her generosity.



At noon on October 3rd the 1788 bell at Christ Church tolled 59 times. The occasion was in memory of those who perished in the Las Vegas mass shooting on the previous Sunday. This memorial was part of a remembrance across the Diocese of New Jersey.

A Blessed Pug 

  Blessing of the Animals

       Sunday, October 8th @ 5 PM

The Blessing of the Animals took place at an outdoor service on Sunday, October 8th at 5:00PM. 

Please join us with your two legged, four legged, winged and crawling creatures for this event.  We will also be collecting items the for the MCSPCA pantry. Please bring your pet on leash or cage, and remember to pick up an extra item at your pet supply store for the MCSPCA wish list.

 If you don’t have a pet: we would still love to have you come and celebrate with us! And there are many items the Shelter needs that you might have in your own home.

 Some items needed:  Dog/Cat food, leashes, collars, toys, blankets, towels, small washable rugs, laundry detergent, Lysol, large plastic garbage bags.

New Roses


Edith’s Angels have added two new roses to our Heritage Rose Meditation Garden! One is called Love and the other is named Benjamin Britten. Love is a beautiful grandiflora that exhibits near-perpetual bloom and are ideal long-stemmed roses if the canes are pruned back to 8-12 inches during the dormant season. Benjamin Britten is a David Austin English shrub rose that has deep red-pink rosette blooms. It flowers repeatedly.

Edith’s Angels include parishioners and members of the Shrewsbury Garden Club.




The Christ Church community celebrated Mother Lisa’s 20 years of dedicated service as record at the parish. The Rector was surprised during the August 20, 2017 service with presents and recollections. Mother Lisa, the first female rector at Christ Church, arrived as the church building was undergoing a major reconstruction due to failures in the infrastructure of the 1769 edifice. As a result, her first service was held at the parish house.

Mother Lisa is now the fourth longest serving cleric at Christ Church since 1702. Only the iconic clerics Samuel Cooke, Harry Finch, and Benjamin Franklin have longer service.

Congratulations to Reverend Lisa Sauber Mitchell!!






The Christ Church family was delighted to witness the entry of four infants into the life of Christ.

On Sunday, May 7, Madelyn Grace and Luke Joseph Danizik, received the sacrament of Holy Baptism and were welcomed into the church. We rejoice with them and their parents, Daniel and Dana Danizik


On Sunday, May 14, Katherine Alexandria Bustamante, received the sacrament of Holy Baptism and was welcomed into the church. We rejoice with her and her parents, Andy and Shannon Bustamante

May14baptism1 May7baptism2 May14baptism1a

On Sunday, May 21, Liya Vera Rauschmayer received the sacrament of Holy Baptism and was  welcomed into the church. We rejoice with her and her parents, Rico and Liesel Rauschmayer

May21baptism3a May21baptism May21baptism2