Covenant House Non-Sleep Out Sleep Out


Each spring, Covenant House, the residential center that provides a home and guidance for young people in need of both, holds a Sleep Out to raise the money that makes its programs possible. Christ Church Shrewsbury has long supported the effort; we have been particularly active in meeting some of the needs of the center in Asbury Park.  And we are again this year, with a team called EpiscoPALS. There are many demands on our generosity this spring, but I hope you can consider the needs of the young people nearby as well as the families facing grave threats abroad. And all the other causes you surely support.

Our unconventional night of support for Covenant House, will be held in the Parish Hall of St. John’s, Little Silver on Friday, March 25. The night is called GAME ON! and will be an evening of various games along with learning about Covenant House and enjoying the company of some fine EpisoPALians. More information will be coming out shortly, but we wanted to give you the link so you can join our Team, or make a donation.

Thank you! Very Much.