Outreach & Community Service

Outreach & Community Service

“The worship has ended; the service begins.”

We are always looking for new ways to reach beyond the church to the community and the world. Martha’s Cupboard and St. Brigid’s Food Pantry, treat our Companion Diocese of Ecuador, Shoes for the Phillipines, Hats, Mittens and Scarves for Afghanistan, community events such as CROP Walk, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Toys for Girls and Boys, Birthday in a Box, and our Annual Coat Drive, are a few of our ministries. Smaller community groups within our congregation, such as Girls Friendly Society, Episcopal Church Women (ECW), and the Knitting Pearls have outreach as a major emphasis in their work. In addition, we keep up a lively connection with the greater church through serving the Diocese of New Jersey. We do this not only with the pledge we make to them each year (10% of our income) but also serving on various committees, participating in events such as the Annual Trinity Cathedral Golf Outing, supporting Diocesan Convention, and the many Youth Events and Mission Outreach Trips our children attend. We also open the doors of Christ Church to accommodate such groups as AA and the Shrewsbury Garden Club, providing hospitality and a “home” to those who need it.

Books for Books

Love to read a good book? Don’t know what to do with those books once they have been read? Books for Books is a program of Christ Church that supports educational concerns of our Companion Diocese of Ecuador. What exactly does that mean? Sometimes it means providing Spanish language books for our parochial schools in Eucador. It may mean school supplies or the “brick and mortar” needs of a building. Recently our Outreach Committee presented a check for $500.00 to the Companion Diocese Committee of our Diocese of New Jersey; the money is earmarked to buy a new laptop computer for use in the Cathedral School in Quito. This was part of a larger project in which we plan to place several new computers in the classrooms of each of our parochial schools. The money we have given comes solely from the quarters and dollars you place in the baskets each Sunday. So pick up a book and make a difference in the life of a child.

CROP Walk: Come join us as we walk to stop world hunger

Members of Christ Church have participated in CROP Walk for as long as I can remember. Each October, we meet with literally thousands of other “walkers” from churches, schools, and organizations who come to Red Bank Regional High School to make the walk through Red Bank, and by our walking, to raise awareness and funds to help stamp out hunger. The funds we raise (and the peanut butter we bring!) are used to help such agencies as Family Promise (temporary housing for homeless families), Lunch Break, St. Brigid’s Food Pantry, the Center in Asbury Park (for AIDS sufferers), and our very own Martha’s Cupboard.

It’s so easy to do! Just stop by the CROP Walk table on any Sunday beginning on September 20th and pick up a sponsor form. Ask your families, friends, co-workers, or church members to sponsor you for your walk (roughly 5 miles). If you are under aged 18, you will need your parent or guardian to sign for you, as well. Be sure to collect the money as soon as possible – you will need to turn it in on the day of the walk. Then come join us at the Walk! You can run, jog, walk, bring a stroller, walk your dog (your dog can also get sponsors). It is a great activity for people of all ages.

If you aren’t going to be in town on the day of the Walk – which I should tell you is October 17th – you can still be a part of it! Simply sign up to sponsor one of our walkers. And be generous – it goes directly to help the poor and misfortunate. Another way we can all help is to bring a jar of peanut butter to church. We will take it with us to the Walk.

Christ Church has set two goals this year; the first is a goal of twenty walkers. The second goal is to bring 100 jars of peanut butter. Help us meet our goal! You can bring peanut butter any Sunday between now and the Walk and leave it in the Parish House under the Stained Glass Window.


  • 1946 Church World Service began with 17 protestant denominations working together to help rebuild Europe and feed hungry people after WWII.
  • 1947 under CWS, Christian clergy and farmers in the US formed CROP (Christian Rural Overseas Program) as a way to send seed, grain, and livestock to war-torn Europe.
  • 1968 CROP WALK began on October 17th in Bismarck, North Dakota, raising-$25,000 with 1,000 people walking 25 miles!
  • 1979 The first CROP event in the Red Bank area was a small band of people, organized by Shrewsbury Presbyterian pastor, who cleaned up the beach and raised over $3000.
  • 1981 First Red Bank CROP WALK was organized by Sarah and Len Dunikowski from Tower Hill Presbyterian Church. 15 churches participated, raising $6,127.
  • 1982 CROP grew 19 churches participated. 25% of funds went to 4 local hunger fighting agencies. Rick Weaver led the Coordinating Committee in 1983 and 1984.
  • 1985 Janie Schildge takes on the charge of CROP WALK Coordinator. 2010 will be her 25th year! In the next few years schools started participating.
  • 1990 The first teen committee gathers together.
  • 1997 Our two youngest walkers at age 5, Halyley Glossbrenner and Katie Day, were asked to cut the start ribbon and were recognized by CWS for completing the walk.
  • 2000 20th Red Bank CROP WALK raised over $100,000 in this 20th Walk! Church World Service updates C.R.O.P. to a more inclusive description of efforts to fight hunger in our world – Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty. 2004 Mrs. Chun, 94 years old, from S Korea, cut our START Ribbon as the oldest walker.
  • 2005 25 years of walking for 15 local partner programs and global partners in 80 countries. Original participating churches and schools were honored. The Varley family spearheads the food collection, and invites CBA boys to help sort, count, and carry food for the pantries.
  • 2007 Over $141,000 was raised to feed the hungry. Over 3 1/2 tons of food collected; this walk was a RECORD HIGH in all stats! 50 schools and independent groups participated.
  • 2008 The 28th Walk had over 1300 walkers and raised $126,000 in an economic slowdown. Red Bank CROP WALK was recognized among the top 5 walks and the largest volunteer run/walk nationwide. 75 churches participated.
  • 2009 2/3 of our usual walkers and runners braved cold and rainy weather for the first time in 29 years of the Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk. Despite economic gloom, spirits were high as walkers donated 6,700 pounds of food for local pantries and raised $111,000.
  • 2010 We celebrate our 30th Anniversary on October 17, 2010. Registration begins at 12:30pm and the Walk starts at 1:30pm. Thank you to everyone for your support. We can make a difference!

We Walk Because They Walk!


Martha’s Cupboard

“Then will the King say to those at his right hand, ‘Come, O blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink…'” Matthew 25.34

Once a month on a Thursday afternoon, a dedicated team of Christ Church parishioners and friends meet the delivery truck of FoodBank of Ocean and Monmouth Counties at Washington Manor on Ocean Avenue in Long Branch. There we unload and sort the food for distribution in the Community Room of the building. The residents, elderly and/or disabled people living in the low cost housing apartment building (115 units), are always there waiting to greet us and see what we have brought to supplement their cupboards and refrigerators. These senior citizens live on an average of about $725 per month, with 1/3 of their income paying for their housing. The rest is simply not enough to pay for food, medicine, and other daily needs. Because many of the residents are not in good health or have no transportation, they cannot make it to the local food pantries. Christ Church is bringing the pantry to them. Most of the food we will choose from the FoodBank is free to us. Additional food products are purchased by the management of Washington Manor, who care very deeply for the dyer situation of their residents. Still other items are provided by the generous donations of our own parishioners who in addition to giving money bring non-perishable items each week to place in our “little red wagon” in the Parish Hall or the basket in the narthex of the Church. We are always looking for volunteers. A secured building with a known population and a full-time security guard, this makes for a great opportunity for our teens to work on their community service hours here. For more information, contact the Christ Church Shrewsbury office at 732-741-2220 or email us directly at theparish@christchurchshrewsbury.org. Director Dianne Regiec would love to have you join us. And by the way – how did we get the name? It comes from Martha, the dear friend of Jesus, who was always the one in the kitchen taking care of everyone’s needs. It also happens to be the name of George Washington’s wife; and we can all imagine how Martha also kept things going while George was out serving his country. The management, staff, and residents of Washington Manor are very excited about our partnership; and so are we.

Ministry Minute

What is a simple minute in the course of your life? Of a day? Of an hour? Just sixty little seconds. What can you do with just 1/60th of an hour? You can discover a myriad of wonderful works Christ is doing through the vision and the ministry of his people here at Christ Church. If you come to Sunday worship at Christ Church, you know that we take a very special 60 seconds during each mass to experience a “Ministry Minute”. It goes like this: one of our very own parishioners stands before the congregation, and in sixty seconds shares a ministry that is their particular passion. Often this “minute” is followed up by a display of information at the coffee hour, the opportunity to learn and further dialogue, and a practical way to participate right on the spot. Parishioners have had the opportunity to write to elected officials about addressing the needs of the poorest of the poor and environmental concerns, and to help support one of our teenagers who is traveling to Mississippi this summer to work with Katrina relief – and all in the context of a few minutes at the Coffee Hour! We also hope that these Ministry Minutes will help to keep you abreast of the many upcoming events within our parish, such as the Blessing of the Animals or our Christmas Bazaar. When Bishop Councell visits us we are always inspired by his stories of “I love my Church” and how that simple phrase is a wonderful starting point to share our own faith. The Ministry Minutes is one avenue to remind all of us of the many reasons we love our church. As you hear your co-workers in the faith speak of those ministries so dear to their hearts, I hope your own heart will be warmed and you will be encouraged in your calling.

Greening The Church

Christ Church has developed a sensitivity to caring for our earth; a variety of projects have focused on the stewardship of our planet, and our recycling programs help us to keep our world “green”. At Christ Church we are always looking at ways to increase our awareness of environmental issues and to offer ways our parishioners can help to keep our earth healthy. We have just completed a “Green Audit” of our buildings and the vestry is setting goals each year to make our parish more efficient and “earth-friendly”. The following are on-going recycling programs to which you may contribute:

Old Cell Phones
Donated phones are programmed with “911” numbers for use by elderly persons and victims of domestic violence. A box is located in the Parish Hall.

Soda and Water Bottle Caps
Did you know that if you leave the plastic caps on your bottles they do NOT get recycled? In fact the cap has to be removed from the bottle in order for the BOTTLE itself to be recycled. NOW you can recycle the bottle CAPS too! Boxes have been provided for you in the parish hall for you to drop off all your plastic bottle CAPS into so Aveda, the manufacturer of beauty products, can recycle them into new caps for their products.

Ink Cartridges
Used computer ink cartridges are redeemed and the monies received are used to support the programs of the Church. A box is located in the Parish Hall.

We welcome your gently used sneakers, athletic and walking shoes. You may be done with them, but there are many who could use them after you. Currently we are sending donated shoes to the Philippines. They can be dropped off in the Parish Hall.

We accept almost all books at Christ Church, which are resold and the monies used to support our missions in Ecuador. Call the Church Office if you have a donation to make.

Birthday In A Box

What exactly is “Birthday in a Box”? It is exactly what it says. We put together wrapped boxes that contain all the items necessary to create a party. These boxes are given out to foster children in the Monmouth County area, many who have never had their own party before. It is also a “pay-it-forward” concept. The Box comes with a birthday card from the children of Christ Church telling them how special they are. Supplies for the child to make other birthday cards are included along with an envelope to return new cards. We are committed to making new boxes for all cards returned.

What we need to make this happen: COLORFUL PLATES, NAPKINS, TABLECLOTH, STREAMERS, INVITATIONS, CUPS, PARTY FAVORS, GIFT CARDS FOR FOOD, PLASTIC TABLE SETTING, CAKE MIX, and ICING. All contributions may be left in the Parish Hall on Sunday mornings or during regular office hours (9:00am – 2:00pm, Tuesdays – Fridays).

Salvation Army Bell Ringers


Each December, Christ Church parishioners sign up to ring the bells at one of those famous Salvation Army Red Kettles. Teams of two ring for two hours each. This year the date is Saturday, December 18th in front of the Acme Grocery Store in Shrewsbury. Contact our Coordinator Jim Miller to sign up. Participation is open to both genders and all ages from teens to seniors. It’s a fun way to help a very worthy cause!

Our Guarantee: If you don’t have the Christmas Spirit before you ring…you’ll
have it when you’re done.


St. Brigid’s Pantry

“Those who are generous are blessed,
for they share their bread with the poor.”
Proverbs 22.9

Since 2002 St. Brigid’s Pantry at our sister congregation of St. James, Long Branch, has been serving the greater Long Branch community. From its inception in 2002, our congregation has been an active supporter of the Pantry. Since 2007, they have tripled the number of family households that are served monthly during these difficult times.

What began as a modest effort of collecting food (that was easily contained on two shelves in the janitor’s closet) has now become a full-fledged pantry stocked through food donations, bread donations, and monetary contributions as well as fresh and canned goods obtained from the local FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. The Pantry is staffed by volunteers from Saint James’ and surrounding churches. Currently between 1,500 to 2,000 people are served each month. But what is even more astonishing is that the Pantry is open only 5 hours each week.

St. Brigid’s Pantry is a ministry of love and compassion. Our parishioners are encouraged to bring an item for the Pantry each time they come to worship. Our motto “Don’t come to church empty handed” applies to our children as well as our adults. The “Little Red Wagon” into which our children deposit their contributions makes it way to the altar every month with their heart-felt offerings.

Always Needed Items include… Peanut Butter, Tuna, Canned Stews & Soups, Toilet Tissue, Toiletries, Diapers, Canned Juices, Crackers, Rice, Tomato Sauce Macaroni & Cheese, and Volunteers!

Christmas Toy Drive

Once again this year, we are teamed with other churches to collect toys for the children of Keansburg and surrounding communities. The children who are recipients are those for whom we can make the holiday season come alive with love and kindness. For many families right here in Monmouth County the purchase of toys at Christmas is beyond their means, as they struggle to make ends meet. In consultation with Christine Ruland of Christ Church, Middletown, a list was made of types of toys and other items that will brighten Christmas morning for many children. (The list can be found in church or call the church office). Last year we were able to give Christmas gifts to over 300 families in the Keansburg area. Please consider, as you begin to shop for the holidays, purchasing a toy for a youngster. You may drop off toys for the drive at the Parish House. They should be unwrapped, but including wrapping paper or gift bags would also help the cause. Make some children happy again this Christmas! Deadline for delivering the toys is December 5th when they will be blessed at the altar (the date that St. Nicholas comes to visit!).

Operation Happy Feet

Have an old pair of sneakers or golf shoes you don’t wear any more? Bring them on in to the Parish House at Christ Church. We collect gently used shoes and send them to the Philippines for distribution among the poor and needy. We also send gently used items like Tee shirts, Barbie dolls, and beanie babies. A box is provided for your donation.

Back to School Backpacks

Every August our parishioners bring backpacks filled with school supplies for needy children in Monmouth County. The backpacks are blessed at our 10:00am service on Labor Day Weekend and distributed thereafter. Children generally range from age 7 – 12, but we try to help any family with need. The office can provide you with a list of needed supplies.

Alcoholic Anonymous

We are happy to host three different AA groups each week. All meetings are held in the Parish Hall of the Parish House. Parking is in the rear.

Wednesdays 8:00pm Fort Monmouth of Shrewsbury Group
Thursdays 8:30pm Men’s Group
Fridays 7:30pm Big Book AA