A “Living” Graveyard

An overview of the Christ Church churchyard (a graveyard that surrounds a church) can be found here.

Coming Soon: A Planned Resting Place

As of November 2021, the newest addition to our churchyard is a planned columbarium to be built on the southwest corner of the existing graveyard that will provide a final resting place for the cremains (ashes) of parishioners and those they love.

This is one possible solution to the dilemma faced by many people who ask if there are still plots available in our historic cemetery. Although full burial plots are no longer available, the church does offer several options for the burying of cremains. Inquiries may be made by contacting the church office at 732-741-2220 or email

The Rose Garden

A recent addition to the churchyard is the Heritage Rose Meditation Garden, which features benches to rest on while contemplating the lush flora of the garden. More information about the HRMG can be found here.

History Weekend

On the first weekend of May, Christ Church holds its annual “History Weekend” in conjunction with Old Monmouth Weekend tour.  In addition to seeing this beautiful historic structure, visitors can view a number of historical treasures from our parish’s archives.

Costumed Graveyard Tours

Costumed parishioners portray various persons buried in the cemetery, sharing their own particular history with the tour groups. Special speakers, such as Dr. Richard Veit of Monmouth University, give lectures on pertinent topics.

Memorial Day Service

The parish will hold its annual reading of the veterans interred in the graveyard on the Sunday before Memorial Day after the 10 a.m. service. These veterans span the eras from the French and Indian War to World War II.  This event will occur about 11 a.m. in the churchyard at the southeast corner of the church. There will be a short performance of patriotic songs. Refreshments served afterwards in the parish hall.

The list of Graveyard Veterans can be found here.