Christian Formation

What would life be if we were not always expanding our knowledge and experience of who God is, and how we might deepen our own personal spirituality? Christ Church finds it essential to provide educational opportunities for people of all ages. For our children and youth, we have a variety of education: Church School, Communion Class, Youth Group, and Girls’ Friendly Society. Adults are invited to attend the Sunday Lectionary Group, Peak of the Week Study Group, or Education for Ministry. Such classes as Coffee with the Rector and Adult Confirmation Class are geared to those who may be new to the church. We also offer various special series that are not only open to the parish but to the greater community. Some favorites are the activities we have crafted around exploring our roots in history: the costumed Lantern Tour, our annual History Day, special exhibits and lectures, and programs for our local school children are a few of the ways we show and share our heritage.

Children’s Ministries

“A catechist is faith, hope, and love attached to arms and legs,
aches and pains, family duties and not enough time.
A catechist is an ordinary person who is extraordinary
because he or she teaches as Jesus did.
A catechist is faithful to the past, open to the future, but especially
dedicated to deepening the faith of the present generation.”
Source Unknown

Church School

Christ Church, Shrewsbury is a kid-friendly Episcopal parish offering families a comprehensive Christian formation program in a safe, nurturing environment. At Christ Church your children will have opportunities to experience Christian service, fun, and fellowship.

Our Church School offers three levels of classes – Lower Church School (Grades K-4), Middle Church School (Grades 5-8), and Upper Church School Grades 9-12). The program kicks-off with Rally Sunday in early September and concludes with a Youth Sunday celebration in June. All classes meet on Sunday mornings, and Lower and Middle Church School participants rejoin their families for Holy Eucharist after class. Upper Church School participants meet after worship.

School Hours
Lower Church School (Grades K-4) 10:00 am -10:30 am
Middle Church School (Grades 5-8) 10:00 am -10:30 am
Upper Church School (Grades 9-12) 11:00 am – 11:45 am

Old Testament, New Testament, familiarity with the liturgy, and church decorum are taught with age appropriate methods on all levels. Lower Church School participants become familiar with the Old and New Testaments through circle-time reading and discussions, games, and hands on projects.

Middle Church School participants begin to move beyond literal interpretations of scripture to explore metaphorical and allegorical interpretations. Effective use of the prayer book, hymnal, and church etiquette are also emphasized. Upper Church School participants, equipped with knowledge of Old and New Testaments, adept at using a variety of interpretive approaches – literal, metaphorical, and allegorical – develop tools to apply the timeless teachings of scripture to their own lives. Appreciation of the Episcopalian faith in the context of other Christian denominations and the relationship of Christianity to other major religions is also explored. In both Middle and Upper Church School we encourage lively discussion on current, topical subjects and active service participation in various events.

For those wishing to be confirmed, Upper Church School culminates with Confirmation. Performed by the Bishop about every three years, in this ceremony our youth publicly proclaim their life-long commitment to deepening their personal spirituality while striving to understand the relationship of their Christian beliefs to other religions. Symbolizing their transition to spiritual adulthood, with Confirmation our youth begin their journey to truly appreciate Christ in all persons.
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Communion Class

Twice a year (during Lent and Advent) the Rector holds an all-day Communion Class designed for children ages four and up. The Class is open to all children – those who are currently receiving Holy Eucharist, those who are getting ready, those who have attended already, and those for whom this will be their first time! The Class is held on a Saturday from 10:00am until 2:00pm. Included is a series of lessons, games, songs – and of course, baking Communion Bread. Lunch is provided. Children learn basic theology of the Sacraments and “church etiquette” as well. Children may attend as many times as they wish; each time brings something new! We are always looking for adults to help. Check the Parish Calendar or call the Church Office for more information.
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Girls’ Friendly Society

Monmouth Chapter
GFS is open to all girls ages 5 through 21
The Purpose of the Girls’ Friendly Society is to help girls understand what it means to be a Christian within their own particular life situations; to discover their own relationships with God, family, community and the world to help girls utilize their given talents, to attain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth through program centering around worship, fellowship, service, study and creative activities. In others words, we hope to be an asset to our girls as they grow into womanhood.

“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the Law of Christ.”
Galatians 6.2 (The GFS Motto)

GFS usually meets the second and fourth Sundays of the month following Sunday School/Coffee Hour. We welcome the help and support of all our mothers as we seek to make our chapter a successful experience. GFS camp in Cape May usually takes place the third week in July. It is open to all members ages 9-21. Cost is minimal, and scholarships are available. Pencil it in! We have planned a very special year of observing the liturgical seasons with crafts, cooking, outreach, and lessons. Invite your friends to come join us! Learning has never been so much fun! See the Christ Church Calendar of Events for more details.

GFS Brochure

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Epiphany Pageant

On the Sunday closest to the Feast of the Epiphany (January 6th), our children and youth present our annual Christ Church Epiphany Pageant during the 10:00am Sunday service. Practice for the pageant is held the previous Saturday. Please call the Church Office for more information.
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Seeing Is Believing: Experiences of the Holy for Parent and Child

On the second Sunday of every month, parents are invited to join their children in the Parish House for a special session to explore and develop the spirituality of their children. Family members work together on activities that broaden their understanding of God and the Community of Faith. Parents learn ways to address matters of faith with their children at home, sharing and exploring their own traditions.
Come join us for some holy work and holy play! We welcome all!
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Youth Ministries

Episcopal Youth Community

Please call the Church Office for more information.
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Diocesan Youth Events

Please call the Church Office for more information.
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Casie Kerr Scholarship Fund

The Casie Kerr Scholarship Fund is a special fund established many years ago to award graduating seniors from Christ Church for service done in the parish. It was given its current name to honor one of our high school students, Casie Kerr, who died in a car accident in August 2000. The three scholarship winners delivered addresses during the 10:00 service on Youth Sunday. We encourage all our parishioners to contribute to this fund. It is our way of giving special thanks for the life and ministry of our children and it reminds them that we are still a source of support to them as they leave this place to further their studies.

All graduating High School Seniors who are members of Christ Church may apply for this scholarship by filling out the application located under the Forms section of our website or just by clicking here.
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Sacrament of Confirmation

The Sacrament of Confirmation takes place when the Bishop visits our Parish. This is usually every other year at Christ Church. But Confirmation Preparation is an ongoing process which occurs under the leadership of Rebecca Pruitt. All persons (Grades 9 – 12) wishing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation should contact Mrs. Pruitt as soon as possible. Besides study, the confirmands participate in a series of outreach programs, recreational field trips and church service-related activities as part of their commitment. What better way to explore and find a loving relationship with our Lord? Confirmation study takes place during High School class on Sunday mornings. For those of you who have already made your Confirmation; don’t think it’s over. We have great news for you– spiritual growth is ongoing, the Lord wants to be in relationship with you and Confirmation is really just the beginning. Hope to see you there.

Adult Confirmation class is also held periodically. For adults seeking Confirmation or Reception into the Episcopal Church, please contact our Rector, Mother Lisa Mitchell, at

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Adult Spiritual Formation

At Christ Church, we believe that Christian Education and Nurture does not end with Confirmation or with graduation from high school. One’s personal spiritual growth is an ongoing process that continues throughout life’s many stages and cycles. To that end, we offer many opportunities for education and nurture for adults at Christ Church. Here are a few; we hope you will find one that meets your own needs and schedule.

Adult Lectionary Studies (ALS)

Come join us as we discuss the four scripture lessons of the day. It is a great way to prepare for hearing the sermon and delving a little deeper into each passage. Led by Maureen Kilroy, the class meets from 9:00am to 9:45am in the Parish House Library. No need to bring anything; lessons are provided.
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Peak of the Week

Most Wednesdays, September through June, Peak of the Week, an adult study group meets in the Library from 10:15am to 11:15am (just following an informal Eucharist which begins in the Library at 9:30am. The topic varies; we have done Biblical Studies, novels such as The Red Tent and The Poisonwood Bible, and are in midst of learning about other traditions such as Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism. Currently we are studying Native American Spirituality. Come find out what we are all about!
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Education for Ministry

Education for Ministry (EFM) is an international program of, but not limited to, The Episcopal Church. The goal of EFM is to prepare adults for Mission and Ministry in the Church. While a large chunk of the four year program of study deals with the Scriptures, EFM is much more than a mere Bible study: it is a way of integrating faith, fellowship, and theological thinking with the life of the believer. Such topics as Old and New Testament, Worship, Ethics, Church History, and Modern Theology are important components of the seminar meetings. EFM is a program administered through the Seminary of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee.

A Seminar Group currently meets at the Christ Church Rectory on Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm to 9:00pm and is made up of participants from four local parishes. The group is mentored by the Rector, The Reverend Lisa S. Mitchell and Magdalena Aders.

Our Rector has also been the Diocesan Coordinator for EFM for the past eight years. She is holding our seventh annual Mentor Training Event for the Diocese of New Jersey will be held at Stella Maris Retreat Center, Oberon, New Jersey, on November 7-9, 2010. There will be a Formation Training with the topic of “Common Lessons” as well as two Basic and/or Inservice Trainings. When it comes to adult education, EFM has been the best kept secret of the Episcopal Church. Come unmask the secret. We welcome all who are interested in exploring more about their faith and practice. If you believe you might be interested in EFM, please call The Reverend Lisa Mitchell at 732-741-2220 or email for more details.
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Education for Ministry+

Graduates of the EFM program meet once a month for a lunch and study. Topics vary and are led by the various members of the group. If you are a graduate of EFM, feel free to join us. Call the office for more information.
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Special Series and Forums

From time to time Christ Church offers special opportunities to increase spiritual growth and knowledge among our adults. We have offered series such as Taking Care of Business, in which a panel of professionals instructed us in the basics of personal financial wellness, Kenotic Christianity: The Call to Humility and Obedience, a Lenten program, and offer courses that cover the “basics” of the faith for those who wish to be confirmed or received into the church.
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