Student Internships – How They Work

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Since 2013, Christ Church has had a program of student internships. In this program students would perform some research within the treasure trove of the 300+ year history of the parish. In most cases the internship results in a research paper and a presentation based on that paper. The students have all been college students, mostly from Monmouth University due to its geographical convenience and the connections the parish has with faculty there. On the University side the internship could be realized using a number of instruments. These would include an Independent Study course, a practicum, a project within a course, and Experiential Education. In all cases students benefit through some form of course credit.

In many cases the research projects are selected by the student from a list of potential projects maintained by the Parish Historian.

Usually contact is made between a Professor and the Parish Historian with both a specific student, or students, and a project in mind. Once agreement is reached the Professor handles the University requirements and the Parish Historian oversees the research.