Video Self-Guided Tour

The Graveyard Video Self-Guided Tour is a set of short videos that describe various aspects of the Christ Church historic graveyard. These include Notable Figures, Gravestone Artistry, and Special Graveyard Features. The following table lists all of the videos with links to them.

INTRO link
Dorothy Manson First Woman Mayor of Shrewsbury link
Harry and Theodosia Finch Longest Serving Rector and Family link
Judge John Grimke Rev War Hero and Prominent South Carlolinian link
William McDonald Civil War Traitor link
Benjamin Lippincott California Pioneer link
Samuel Sleeper Civil War Casualty link
E.C. Hazard Shrewsbury Gilded Age Businessman link
William Leeds Gave 439 Acre Farm to Church link
John Redford French And Indian War Veteran link
Edward Carpender Mexican War Naval Officer link
Harry Ticehurst WWI Veterinarian link
Eddie Condon Jazz Musician link
Samuel Smith Rev War Historian link
Samuel Cooke Priest When Current Church Built 1769 link
Louise Jost Historic Society Founder link
Practice Practice Carving on an Early Marker link
Grand Grand 19th – Century Memorials link
Side by Side  A Pair of Early Memorials link
Changing Styles  Evolving Gravestone Styles link
Willow A Willow Tree Symbolizing Mourning link
Gothic Gothic Style Markers link
Portrait A Portrait In Carved By Daniel Chester link
Ledger Large Flat Monuments for the Wealthy link
Tole A Sandstone Marker with a Whimsical Cherub link
Green Slate An Imported New England Slate Marker link
Durable  A Granite Monument link
Egyptian Egyptian Revival Style Monuments link
Celtic Cross A Modern Interpretation of the Celtic Cross link
Willow and Urn Urn and Willows, Symbols of Mourning link
Death Head An 18th – Century Death’s Head Marker link
Oldest Marker Benjamin Stelle 1719 link
Jones Infants 12 Infants Taken Under 1 Year link
Trees Trees Embracing Gravestones link
HRMG Rose Meditation Garden link
Interior Stones 3 Stones in the Floor of the Church link