What parts of a car air conditioner can be regenerated?

Air conditioning, once synonymous with luxury, is now included as standard in cars and is one of the foundations of driving comfort and safety. They usually provide coolness in the summer heat, but are necessary at any time of the year for dehumidification and evaporation of windows and air heating. The air conditioner requires maintenance and sometimes breaks down. Instead of buying new parts, consider restoring them.What is regeneration?
At the beginning, it is worth explaining the difference between regeneration and repair. The latter involves the elimination of a certain defect, while the rest of the component remains intact. Regeneration, on the other hand, consists not only in eliminating one defect, but also in repairing and replacing all parts. As a result, this component restores its original effectiveness. Professional restoration is practically a new part at a much lower price, which makes this service so popular. What parts of a car air conditioner can be regenerated?
Air conditioner compressors, i.e. compressors, act as pumps that suck in the decompressed refrigerant and also pump the compressed refrigerant to the radiator of the air conditioner. This is a complex, expensive and vulnerable part of the system. Jamming due to insufficient lubrication and lack of oil is a common cause of failure. The cause of the malfunction is also contamination and depressurization of the compressor. Fortunately, it can be regenerated. It consists in cleaning the compressor and replacing the oil seal, bearings, valves, pistons and clutch discs. The tightness of the parts is also checked. A properly regenerated compressor must be fully functional and durable.
The second regenerated element of air conditioning is a condenser. It is designed to cool the refrigerant and convert it from a gaseous state to a liquid state. Located in the front of the engine compartment, it is prone to mechanical damage and minor breakdowns, for example, thread breakage. This is facilitated by the design of the cooler itself, made of thin aluminum. Chemicals such as street salt can also damage it. Regeneration of condensers consists in cleaning and replacing radiator elements: core and tank, threads, seals, as well as dehumidifier and expansion valve.
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What other parts of the air conditioner can be regenerated?
In addition to the most frequently regenerated elements, i.e. compressor and condenser, major repairs and replacement of other parts are possible. An example is damaged or leaking air conditioner hoses, where the metal hose is repaired and the rubber hose is replaced. For a dehumidifier and evaporator, it is usually better to choose a new part. Remember that the regeneration of the air conditioner is not always justified – it depends on the degree of damage to the part and the profitability of such a service. Every online gambler needs a secure and fair gaming environment. We seek to establish a safe online environment for players by providing free, unbiased, and independent assessments of the top online casinos, allowing you to play with confidence and security. Our staff of casino games makes all evaluations and reviews independently of the operator, and because each company is properly licensed to operate, they can be trusted to provide fair play.